A Huge Thank You to Our Users from IBM Watson Media

A Huge Thank You to Our Users from IBM Cloud Video

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to take the time to thank each of our customers.  Thank you for using our video platform.  Thank you for streaming with us and for pushing creative boundaries to come up with great content and innovative use cases for streaming.  And, thank you for your support as we’ve transitioned into the IBM family of offerings.    

And, an enormous thank you goes out to the 68 of you who took the time this year to write a review about your use of our technology on Trust Radius (3rd party review website). The products we offer started as a way to help people connect with other people in a dynamic way, in real time, and it’s very satisfying to read your stories and understand how our technology is helping you to do great things that engage your customers and employees. 

Feedback reviews and customer stories

Kevin Ford, we loved hearing that our streaming platform “remained rock solid” even during your peak times when you were streaming live to “tens of thousands across 70+ countries.” And Jahan Shafizadeh, thank you for sharing that our solution “solves how we share the viral R+F culture without having to be in person.” And, Michael Coates, thanks for saying our mobile interface “worked like a charm” and for your honest feedback about our ECDN documentation needing some improvements.  We’ll work on that!  Finally, Steven Janak, thank you for putting your faith in your most sensitive content and saying that our platform is “incredibly well suited to deliver content when delivering content that is confidential and secure.” And finally, thanks to Zachary Smith, who gave us a chuckle with his “So easy a kid can do it! No, really!” comment. We read every review so please keep sharing with us openly! 

 We also had many opportunities to get some of you in front of the camera this year and we greatly appreciate the stories!   

 Leo Gomez of Solar City shared how we’ve helped them keep 15,000 employees better connected and informed and their plans to expand their efforts for this rapidly growing employee base.  

Michael Garant of Mazda told us how their live streaming efforts have dramatically expanded their reach for new car reveal events and how they’ve married live streaming and paid advertising efforts to further expand audience size.    

Luke Campbell of Epicentre.tv shared how we’ve helped their sports, music, and entertainment streaming business expand globally.  

Christian Delfino and Joe Sparacio told us about their world-wide “follow the sun” product launch event that attracted 90,000 viewers and streamed from multiple locations around the globe.   

See all of our great customer story videos.  


We know that you all have options when choosing what video platform to use and what company to partner with for your video communications strategy, and we are truly honored that you are our customer! Your feedback and satisfaction is woven into everything that we do as we thoughtfully craft the future of our platform. 

For our customers in the United States, we wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and look forward to continuing to service you!