Mazda video case study: Driving 100x more viewers to a product launch using IBM Cloud Video

A new Mazda video case study shows how live video can achieve spectacular results.

A big hook for Mazda is the appeal of its designs. The Mazda Miata, for instance, has become  the best-selling two-seater open sports car of all time. The Mazda design philosophy is called “Soul of Motion”, and it seeks to capture “the power and elegance of a wild animal in the instant when it pounces on its prey.”

When a new Mazda design is unveiled, many fans would love to see it live, so Mazda decided to supplement media coverage by streaming its new product introductions live using IBM Cloud Video.  At the LA Auto Show in 2015, 3,400 unique viewers watched from all over the world when the company unveiled the MX-5 RF.

One year later, Mazda introduced the CX-5 crossover, also at the LA Auto Show.  This time, it added IBM Cloud Video’s LiveAd service, which streams video footage inside standard ad units that can be placed on sites all over the web.  The ads enable viewers to see live footage without leaving the site they’re on. They can mouse over the ad unit to expand it, and click to watch full screen. In the days before the event, LiveAd units show footage teasing what was to come. During the event, the ads showed stage action live. Afterwards, the ads played recap footage.

The results were amazing. With LiveAd, Mazda attracted 390,000 people instead of 3,400–that’s 100 times more viewers than the same event the year before. “Using LiveAd and IBM Cloud Video, we’re able to reach beyond the 300 press people at the event to reach 390,000 people interested in what we’re doing,” said Mike Garant, manager, digital marketing at Mazda. An infographic and two-minute video tell more about how the company achieved these results.

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