Streaming Video Success Stories Infographic Featuring 8 Leading Organizations

Video moves people.  The human brain absorbs video with much less work than it takes to process text.  As a result, we’d rather watch than read, and we end up sharing videos more than almost any other type of content on the internet. Leading organizations are recognizing this, and they’re expanding their use of video as a tool for driving better business outcomes.

The streaming video success stories infographic below illustrates eight great results that organizations are achieving using streaming video.  Click on the infographic and it will open in PDF format, with each result linking to a two-minute video that explains how it was achieved.  Which result is most relevant to your goals?

For the fastest path to results, tell us the type of impact you need from streaming video, and we can coach you on the best practices most relevant to delivering it.InfographicIt’s interesting to see how these companies achieved their results. Mazda used live video to draw 100 times more people to a new product introduction, compared to a similar event held the year before.  The key step the company took was using a live ad service to stream footage of the event in ad units on sites popular with prospective buyers.  The prospects didn’t even have to leave the sites they were visiting to see the event.  They could click and view it in an enlarged box.

Roland Corporation got 90,000 viewers to spend an average of 18 minutes watching a global video roll-out of 30 new products.  The company had performers in major world cities jam with the new products live in order to check them out. “It was the launch of the decade,” an industry trade site wrote.

SolarCity is using live video to align thousands of its employees all over the globe, attracting 100x greater attendance at 10 times more live-streamed events.  The excitement of a live, high-definition virtual connection with leaders is engaging employees, who use the platform’s interactive chat and Q&A modules to talk with each other and their management.

Watch two-minute videos that spotlight each achievement, exploring how they were accomplished.

We can coach you on the best practices most relevant to delivering on your goals. Just tell us the type of impact you need from streaming video.