Brandlive Surpasses Monumental 8,000 Livestreamed Events and Unveils Partnership with IBM at its Annual Customer Summit

Brandlive Livestreamed Events - see the webinar on retail marketing inspirationBrandlive, the leading live video platform for brands and retail marketing today announced that it has livestreamed over 8,000 events, as part of a partnership with IBM Watson Media. With this milestone, Brandlive confirms its position as the go-to resource for brands and retailers looking to interact with their audiences for sales enablement, marketing and commerce events.

In today’s saturated digital landscape, brands need an innovative method to cut through the noise and engage with their customers. By leveraging live video, companies can bolster their marketing strategies to more effectively interact with their audiences and foster relationships in real-time.

Brandlive empowers top brands like Adidas, GoPro, eBay, and Cabela’s to better communicate with their audiences by offering customers real-time access to experts, influencers, and executives. With 8,000 livestreamed events, it is clear that brands are harnessing live video and understand its myriad advantages: live video is more engaging, faster to produce, and drives more sales than recorded video.

IBM Watson Media is the engine that enables Brandlive to broadcast stunning live video events to both internal and external audiences everywhere. Brandlive’s video stream is powered by IBM’s Streaming Manager, the scalable cloud-based streaming platform. With IBM Watson Media’s technology, Brandlive can reliably stream to large-scale audiences and seamlessly deliver content to any device, anywhere.

“We’re proud to have reached the watershed moment in Brandlive’s history of streaming 8,000 live events,” said Brent Hieggelke, Head of Marketing for Brandlive. “As video becomes a more essential component of all communication, we’re thrilled to offer companies a way to optimize their business strategies through live video. By partnering with IBM Watson Media, we ensure that our live video platform can scale to reach massive audiences without sacrificing high-quality delivery, which guarantees a seamless live video experience for our customers.”

To celebrate Brandlive’s milestone and the live video boom across industries, the company is hosting the Brandlive Customer Summit in Portland, Oregon. Now in its fourth year, the annual event will bring together the world’s leading brands and offer them the opportunity to share best practices for enhancing their live video strategies. In addition to customer panels, David Mowrey, Head of Product & Development for IBM Watson Media, will deliver a keynote presentation, which will shed light on how brands can leverage IBM’s cutting-edge technology to optimize live video and infuse the AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities from IBM Watson Media to better understand what’s inside a video and how to derive the most value from it.

By surpassing 8,000 livestreams, Brandlive has certified its status as the trusted and premiere video platform for brands to optimize their business strategies and build relationships, in real time, at scale.

The two companies are also conducting a joint Live Streaming Video Benchmark Survey. Click here to learn more and participate.  And see an on-demand webinar from Brandlive and IBM Watson Media on inspiring live marketing ideas in retail.