Next President? What I saw from Fort Worth…

Last night I had the honor to attend the Fort Worth Senator Barack Obama Rally as a special guest to the Obama Campaign. For those of you who don’t know, Sen. Obama is a Ustreamer!

As I hung out with the Obama guys while they set up the live feed, people flooded into the Fort Worth Convention center for a look at the man who man be the next president. The energy was amazing, the crowds were massive, and the anticipation was palpable. Now I have watched several of these Obama streams on Ustream over the last few months and also been impressed with the Senator’s speeches (for the record I’m not endorsing either party as we work closely as well with the Republicans). But being there live made we so proud of Ustream as I knew thousands of people around the world had to chance to watch the speech with me in Texas.

Whoever you will be supporting (looks like it will be Obama and McCain…McCain is also a Ustreamer), just make sure you support someone! Remember its our civic duty to vote..

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