Video streaming as a business tool? Casey Zeman will show you how

Today’s guest blogger is Hanna Brooks Olsen, an Editorial and Marketing Specialist at creativeLIVE. In a previous life, she was a social media manager.


At this point, most community managers have social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook nailed — but few businesses are using streaming video to build their audience and drive sales. Author and strategist Casey Zeman is out to change that.

In his upcoming three-day course on CreativeLive (free to watch while it airs live!), Casey will walk you through some of the basics of streaming video for business.

What you’ll learn:

  • Equipment basics that help make your videos better and your production smoother
  • Why streaming video communities matter (though, to be honest, you probably already know this)
  • How video can help generate leads and result in sales — yup, actual sales

Why you should listen to Casey:

  • He’s the founder of EasyWebinar
  • He’s consulted with companies like Dell and Harpercollins about videos for business
  • He sometimes wears cool costumes in his videos. Look:


Put streaming video to use for you. Sign up for Casey’s upcoming course here!