Ustream To Help Troops – 8 Hour Broadcast This Thursday

For those of you who don’t know, the military has a special place in the my heart. Both myself and John Ham, one of the other Ustream founders, are graduates of West Point and served 5 years in the Army on active duty. The military had a tremendous impact on me personally as a man, my life and my future.

My time in the Army was wonderful and I will always look back on those times fondly. The men and women I met, served beside, led, followed, and supported were some of the best in the world. Whether or not you agree with our government’s policies, the men and women who CHOOSE to serve in our all voluntary Army deserve our respect, our gratitude, our support and our love. They are truly heroes in my book.

This Thursday, is proud to support the efforts of From The Front Lines, a 8 hour broadcast hosted by Michelle Malkin and Melanie Morgan to raise money to send our soldiers overseas the world’s LARGEST care packages. If you have served in the military, you know how powerful care packages are.

Please join the live broadcast this Thursday from 1pm PDT to 9 pm PDT on our Ustream channel page here:

The guest list of the show is growing fast from Rush, to Sean Hannity, to Nancy Reagan.

Please show your support for our men and women who serve us all so well by donating this Thursday. Let’s help the From The Front Lines Team reach their goal!

For a good laugh, here are pics of John and I while cadets at West Point, younger, and actually in shape!

Ustream Founders Brad Hunstable and John Ham

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