We’re proud to announce that Ustream’s Annual Report of 2013 has been selected as the Site of the Day by the jury.

But, what is Awwwards exactly, and why do we care about winning this award?

“The awards recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world. Their mission is to discover, recognize, and promote these talents and their efforts of creating a unique digital experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive, and beautiful.”

Through an efficient, strict, and transparent evaluation system a multidisciplinary jury made up of representatives from across the globe, along with users judge the websites by its design, creativity, usability, and content. The highest-scoring sites are awarded the Site of the Day and entered into the Site of the Month and Site of the Year competitions.

This is a very serious achievement as we gain recognition and prestige through this award with web designers and among thousands of noted professionals. We are also very proud since we were competing against companies like Google Chrome’s Lego page, and Adidas’s World Cup match ball microsite.

What is this project and who was a part of it?

The Ustream Annual Report is an interactive review of 2013’s top broadcasts, breathtaking moments, and live streaming statistics.

For the creation of our annual report many of Ustream’s departments joined forces including: PR, product, marketing, business intelligence, UX, design, development, sysop, video production, legal, quality assurance and content monitoring.

Congratulations again to the teams for the massive joint effort which made us able to bring this great great project to life!


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