Live Playlists Lets You “Go Live” Longer


Ustream’s Live Playlists feature was launched last Spring by our Broadcaster Experience team, so that broadcasters could reuse previously recorded videos and schedule them to run as “live” content at specific times, or as continuous loops. The innovative feature is available in all Pro Broadcasting packages and allows you to provide instant content all the time, by filling you channel with linear programming. Reach audiences around the clock long after their transmission has ended!

You may ask: What are the potential benefits of setting up a Live Playlist? How is this different from Video-On-Demand (VOD) content?

The problem with VOD is that the videos are out there for the long term — they can be viewed and reviewed, over and over again. The thing is, users get passive about content they can access on a regular basis.

But, if your stream is only available at set times, it becomes a rare and unique commodity and creates quite a stir on the web, giving your brand or business a fantastic point of differentiation.

Research conducted by video publisher Ooyala (March 2013) shows that people spent an average of 40 minutes watching live video content on a per-play basis. This is enormously high compared to the fact that only 3.15 minutes was spent watching VOD.

Live Playlists gives exclusivity to your content and sets you apart from the rest of the competition. The freedom to highlight extraordinary moments of your live video and syndicate to other viewing platforms substantially increases the reach of your message and gives the feeling of a true “lean back” TV experience.

On the top of this, there are several more add-on benefits that you can combine with your Live Playlists feature. For example, Ustream’s Email Capture tool helps you to collect viewer’s email addresses and see who watches your broadcast. This is helpful for future marketing or sales development purposes.

To get more information on how to use Live Playlists, check out this video by Alden Fertig, our Director of Customer Success, as he guides you through the different features.

The Broadcasting Experience team constantly works on ways to improve this feature. Every month they reach out to clients using this service and ask them for their opinion. We, at Ustream, value the feedback of our users, because we know that is the best way to improve our service.

To see real examples of how companies took advantage of this innovative use of video content in practice, check out TechCrunch, Animal Planet Live or Cisco Live.


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