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Monitor Network Performance & Status for ECDN

Monitor Network Performance & Status for ECDN

When asked in relation to video deployment, 58% of IT executives want to be able to monitor network performance. Video delivery is becoming a big part of how companies conduct business, both from a customer facing and employee facing perspective. From an internal point of view, employees and stakeholders are now actively being trained and addressed through video content, ranging from internal technology training to executive town halls. Under certain setups that feature a large, centrally located audience, this presents a challenge to scale without harming the network. An issue that raises that need to monitor network performance by those in IT.

This need is addressed by technology called ECDN, or Enterprise CDN. This article discusses what is an ECDN and how it works. It also covers ways that administrators can monitor them and the benefit of strain reduction to the network. IBM Watson Media has also recently enhanced its monitoring capabilities for its ECDN offering, which are highlighted as well. It also includes data from a joint IBM and Wainhouse Research report, which interviewed 1,512 executives to see what elements they place importance on for their video solutions. The full report can be read here.

Live Stream Surgery for Patient Education

Live Stream Surgery for Patient Education

Fans of Olympic swimming may remember Cody Miller, who took home a bronze medal in the 2016 Rio Games. What made Miller’s accomplishments all the more remarkable was that he wasn’t just swimming against the clock, but also against his own physiology: He suffers from pectus excavatum, a condition that causes a sunken chest and significantly reduces lung capacity.

Around the same time as Miller won bronze, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital had a patient with the same condition ready for corrective surgery. Today, it’s typically a 45-minute, routine procedure. But parents and children can sometimes be scared off by the prospect of such an invasive and altering procedure. What if the hospital could show the process to assuage parents’ fears?

Top 9 Tips for Live Streaming Commencements: Advice from Notre Dame’s Streaming Engineer

Notre Dame’s Eric Nisly guides live-streaming of commencement and other events using resources like this production truck.

Live-streamed video takes you to the heart of an event and lets you share in its emotion from wherever you are.

Maybe a friend or family member is crossing the stage to get a diploma, or an ensemble of musicians is playing passionately to win a prestigious international prize, or a university is interviewing teachers and students during an online fundraiser to share with alumni the kind of moments that make the campus special.

These are just some of the hundreds of annual events now streamed by the University of Notre Dame. The volume of streamed events has roughly doubled in the last three years as the public’s appetite for streaming video grows.

Notre Dame’s production team, including Streaming Engineer Eric Nisly, have learned from experience a few best practices that make a big difference in keeping glitches low, emotional impact high, and results solid. We asked Eric to share 9 of his top tips.

  1. Get the word out
  2. Plan to fail
  3. Keep crew responsibilities narrow
  4. Get the two most wanted camera angles
  5. Ensure live support from your streaming platform
  6. Better than selling DVDs: stream goodwill
  7. Document success: crowdsource your streaming playbook
  8. Build strategic vendor relationships
  9. Keep raising the bar: put a point person on R&D

Video Chapter Markers: Setup & URL Sharing

Video Chapter Markers: Setup & URL Sharing

Looking for a way to segment long form video content? Adding video chapter markers presents a great way to create longer video assets while offering a navigation method to support jumping to topics of relevance for viewers.

IBM Watson Media has recently improved video chapters, including enhanced shareability for end viewers through URL chapter points and integration with cloud trimming.