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Dead Air – The Live Stream Killer

Back in the 1950’s and 60’s, much (if not most) early broadcast radio and television programming was produced and broadcasted live.

The skills of producing a live broadcast were refined and improved through the years. Early radio broadcasters like Alan Freed and Dick Clark, TV soap operas like As The World Turns and The Edge Of Night, most US News coverage, sporting events like the Superbowl and of course shows such as Saturday Night Live all have also used live television as a device to gain viewers by making their programs more (or atleast appear) exciting.

But the skills these producers used, whether for the 1969 Landing on the Moon, the 1996 Dallas Cowboys Superbowl victory or the live episode of ER in 1997, are no different than for a live streaming show or event.

OpenID Connect (OIDC) for Enterprise Video

OpenID Connect (OIDC) for Enterprise Video

Looking to offer your users a single sign-on experience from your video content?

IBM now supports using OpenID Connect (OIDC) based identity providers with its enterprise video platform. This expands the options that organizations have for user authentication to access live and on demand video material.

Boost Virtual Event Registration in 6 Steps

Boost Virtual Event Registration in 6 Steps

Running virtual or hybrid events? Need some advice to help boost virtual event registration?

These six steps will help you increase your virtual event attendance. They assume you are already using a virtual event platform to run the conference, as they focus more on promotion. If you need a more in-depth guide that includes executing the event, check out this definitive guide to running virtual events.

Server Cluster in Europe for Streaming Video

Dedicated Server Cluster in Europe for Streaming Video

Located in Europe and looking for a video streaming solution that has a server infrastructure also located there? IBM is introducing a concentrated, shared server cluster for the Europe region, located in Frankfurt, Germany.

For organizations that elect to use this added service, they will be able to manage and deliver live and on-demand video strictly from a Europe based server cluster. As a result, servers from outside Europe aren’t used for those who elect to use this service. This introduces advantages to Europe based organizations and also the ability to comply with certain regulations.

CDN & Video: What is a Content Delivery Network?

CDN Video Delivery

Video streaming and delivery is a resource intensive process. This is attributed to the various networks a video stream must pass through as well as the quality of the video, as higher bitrates and resolutions require more information related to that stream to be sent to the end viewer. As a result of this requirement, it’s not recommended to broadcast video using your own server. For companies, this can result in bottlenecks from the servers hosting or unnecessary costs to scale a server infrastructure.

One solution to avoid both, though, is through utilizing a CDN (content delivery network). This article talks about the basics of delivering content over the Internet before why it’s important to have a CDN when streaming video content.

If you are already familiar with CDNs and would rather learn more about how IBM Watson Media offers a more robust solution for video streaming, read our live video scalability white paper.

Closed Captioning Settings for Video Streaming

Closed Captioning Settings for Video Streaming

Viewers now have more options related to how closed captions are displayed for video streaming content. This allows end users to customize closed captioning settings inside the video player for live and on demand captions. As a result, viewers can control a number of options from increasing font size for accessibility reasons to altering aspects like color of the display.

These settings are available for manually uploaded WebVTT captioning files and also automated closed captions from IBM Watson. Furthermore, the settings can be accessed and control the captions for mobile devices and desktops. However, please note there is a current limitation for these settings when viewing full screen on an iPhone.

White Label Video Platform: Live Streaming & VOD

White Label Video Platform

Looking for a white label video player solution? Broadcasters can spend hundreds if not thousands on their setups, from top of the line cameras to hardware encoders that can allow for camera switching, only to have the end product touting another company’s brand which can cheapen the viewer experience.

IBM Watson Media offers a wealth of features to help customize and allow content owners to control a viewer’s experience. This is presented as part of a white label video platform and an enterprise video platform, allowing the removal of the IBM branding and also allowing content owners to insert their own. This article covers these features in more depth. It looks at where and how content owners can remove IBM branding and insert their own and also how content access can be restricted. This includes insight into how content owners can manage elements of the video player, embedding, viewer access, and also the channel page experience.

Live Video CTA: Add Clickable Video Overlays

Live Video CTA: Add Clickable Video Overlays

Need an effective CTA (Call To Action) for your live video marketing? Looking to add clickable video overlays?

CTAs are an important element of the overall conversion process. While video marketing can be valuable to build brand recognition, sometimes collateral is created for later in the sales funnel with the desire to convert. For these and other instances, IBM’s streaming video and enterprise video streaming users can now add live CTAs directly into the video player. These clickable video overlays can provide a clear next step for prospects who are watching live streaming content. For more information on using live video as part of your marketing strategy, also be sure to download our How to Increase Conversions with Online Video white paper.

How to Live Stream Cisco Webex™ Video Conferences

How to Live Stream Cisco Webex™ Video Conferences

Want to know how to live stream Cisco Webex video conferences? Looking for ways to improve archiving and content discoverability through AI?

IBM Video Streaming from IBM Watson Media can be integrated into Cisco Webex Meetings or Events. Through this integration, Webex users are able to push out their video conference so it can be broadcasted on a channel page. This channel can be restricted for internal use, or open so that anyone with the link could watch.

Simulated Live: Creating Live Playlists

Simulated Live: Creating Live Playlists

Need to create a simulated live experience for viewers? Interested in managing linear channels?

IBM offers live playlists with functionality that can replicate a live broadcast. Using this feature, previously recorded video can be presented to viewers like a live stream. These simulated live broadcasts can also work alongside live content, with broadcasters being able to push an actual live stream out that will take priority over the live playlist. As a result, they can transition from a previously recorded session, like a guest speaker, to a live session, like Q&A, for corporate communication or for virtual events.

For those looking to leverage this technology for virtual conferences and other events, be sure to check out our Definitive Guide to Running Virtual and Hybrid Events. This covers using this feature as part of a virtual event.

Note: this is not a new feature. It’s been with the IBM Video Streaming platform and IBM Enterprise Video Streaming platform for years. The update is that the feature is no longer Flash based and appears directly inside the dashboard under Playlists now.