5 Tips for PR Pros to get started live streaming in 2014

As public relations professionals we are always looking for new ways to create social chatter around a product, make a big company announcement, or launch a new product. With the help of live video and the New Year filled with personal and professional goals, live video could be exactly what your company needs to boost a product launch, company announcement, or internal town hall to the next level.

1. Figure out what you can use live video for

Narrowing down what you can use live video for is always the most difficult part. Whether you are considering launching a new product, having a Q&A session, streaming a conference, creative a LiveAd, or only using live video internally; determining what will help you reach your goals, will help determine everything from who will go live on video, to what equipment you need.

2. You don’t have the broadcast to the entire world

If your CEO doesn’t feel comfortable making an announcement to a large audience on live video, she or he may feel better about using live video for internal comms like town halls and important company announcements. The live aspect and employees ability to ask questions via the social stream in real time, will help the employees who could be spread across the globe feel more connected to what it happening within their company.

3. Put yourself on camera first

Do you have an iPhone or Android nearby? All it takes to go live on Ustream is going to the app store and downloaded the FREE Ustream Broadcaster app. After it’s finished downloading, click on the app, create an Ustream channel, and press “Go Live.”

4. Buy some quality, but inexpensive equipment

Although the Ustream app can be effective when you need to go live fast, a quality HD camera, microphone, and lighting will make the world of difference for your broadcast quality. For a list of products we recommend check out Ustream’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

5. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Just like any recital or performance, there are always weeks of practice, and dress rehearsals.  Getting your spokesperson in front of a camera for a live event will not only ensure the success of the technology, but will make them feel more comfortable in that setting. Just don’t let them pull a Michael Bay if something goes wrong!

If you need some extra help figuring out how to go live, visit www.ustream.tv/howto for an array of tutorial videos from our product team!