Best in Show: Put Your Best Paw Forward with These Live Tips

This past weekend, Ustream celebrated an epic overload of cuteness thanks to the AKC Eukanuba Dog Show. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of their prestigious event, and shed some insight on how to make your animal cam (or any broadcast for that matter) go from AWW to Awesome.

Get ready to put your best paw forward with these great tips inspired by the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships!

Quality is always key, by following these broadcasting tips you too can strut your stuff like these privileged pedigrees!

Internet Connection: As with any broadcast, first and foremost a solid, hardlined connection is always key to a premium live experience.

Video Quality: It is important to consider your video content when choosing a streaming setting.  Also, to the degree that you can control it, there are many things you can do in your video production to maximize your stream quality even at very low resolutions and bitrates. Here’s an article on how to control your backgrounds and set to maximize your stream video quality:…

Lighting: Well lit video tends to fare much better in the encoding process. Poorly lit scenes will typically look very bad once they go through encoding.  Here’s a great article on how to set up your lighting to maximize your stream video quality:….

Tips on Pixelation: The more motion you have, the more pixelation and artifacts you will be able to see in your stream.  Motion can be people moving across the frame, for example in a sporting match, or it can also be your camera panning, or even your transitions in your switcher.

  • The more you can minimize motion, the less artifacts you will see.
  • Fast moving broadcasts with lots of panning shots, or multi-camera cams with lots of fast cuts between cameras will typically require a much higher bitrate (and much more bandwidth) to achieve the same perceived quality as low-motion video content.
  • Puppy/kitten cams against a plain background or a static shot against a static background can look very crisp and sharp with no encoding artifacts even at low resolutions and bitrates.


Ustream Recommended Encoders


Ustream Web Broadcaster

The easiest and fastest way to stream is with Ustream’s free, browser-based Broadcaster. Works automatically with your built-in camera and mic, or connect USB accessories for higher quality. Record and save streams for on-demand viewing.

Compatible cameras

  • Built in webcam and mic
  • Logitech C920 HD USB Cam


Ustream Producer

Ustream Pro for Animal Cams

Ustream Producer includes everything you need to do a professional broadcast on your Windows or Mac computer: HD broadcasting, multi-camera switching, screen capture, VOD file playback and support for Firewire, HDMI and HD-SDI cameras.

Compatible cameras

Learn more about Producer here

There you have it! Now you can broadcast like a champion. Once you go live, don’t forget to promote your channel. You can start by adding your channel url in the comments below. Happy Broadcasting!

(And here’s the GRAND FINALE of super doggy cuteness, just for good measure)

AKC Eukanuba on UstreamAKC Eukanuba on UstreamAKC Eukanuba on UstreamAKC Eukanuba on Ustream

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