Three Key Takeaways from “Live Video for Hiring, Firing, and Everything in Between”

In case you missed our webinar today — Live Video for Hiring, Firing, and Everything in Between, featuring Brad Hunstable (Ustream Founder and CEO) and Steve Vonder Haar (Sr. Analyst, Wainhouse Research) — we’ve compiled together three key takeaways:

1. Ignorance is bliss — until you miss the boat 

The more you use live video, the more you realize the value it can have for your business. Consider how the more frequent users strongly agree with the statement below:

Further, perception shifts with frequency:

2. Live video is no one-trick pony

Live video can be used in many ways — product launches, webinars, external and internal communications — and can achieve a variety of business objectives, such as driving traffic, generating sales leads, improving customer support, and fostering community engagement. Consider the driving factors for marketing executives:
And non-marketing executives:

3. Live video implementation can be as simple or sophisticated as you choose

On one end of the spectrum, you can point and shoot with your mobile device or laptop. On the other side, you can trick out a studio, utilize several cameras, and work your magic using Ustream Producer. Learn more about Ustream Producer HERE

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Watch the recorded webinar:

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