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Box Breaking has become big business over the last year. Even sports card manufactures, like Topps and Panini America, have taken notice; showing signs of encouragement for some of the top box and case breakers. By adding the element of live video, box breaking has become an innovative facet of the sports card hobby, revolutionizing the game of card collecting.

Box Breaking on Ustream

Importance of Live Video

Being live is a huge difference maker, as pre-recorded breaks are notorious for scamming buyers. Box Breaking live allows for better transparency between the buyer and the seller, so people can enjoy this new, innovative hobby stress free.

Card Breaking on Ustream

Box Breaking 101

Q: What is a box break?
A: A box break is a group of sports card enthusiasts each buying a portion of a unopened box of sports cards. At these events, a non-biased person will open a box/case/pack of collectible cards for other groups of people.

Q: Why a box break?
A: It’s a cheaper way to get the pulls and hits that you are looking for.  Why spend hundreds of dollars on a box or case when you are looking for that one hit, one player, or one team and can save money doing it?

Box Breaking on Ustream

Q: What are the rules of a box break?
A: The rules of a box break vary, depending on the style of the break.
A team break is when all of the teams in the item are put up for sale.  When you purchase a team, you purchase the rights to the cards that have players from that team on the card (you become the team owner for that break).  You can own more than one team for a break… adding more to your shopping cart for purchasing.  Multi-player cards (dual, triple, quad, etc) are awarded to:

  • Person that has the most players from their teams on the card.
  • Person that owns the most teams out of the break and has a player from one of their teams on the card.  This is the fairest way to break multi-player cards.
  • If there is still a tie…card will go to the team owner of the player located first in reading order (reading is from left to right, top to bottom, front to back).  For example, if it is a 2×2 quad card, it will go to the purchaser of the team of the player in the upper left section of the card.  If there is a double-sided card (players both sides), the front side is considered the side with the serial number.

Box Breaking on Ustream


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