Love Letters for the Decorah Eagles

Since becoming the most watched live stream of all time, the Decorah Eagles have amassed millions of fans and supporters who have seen them through every step in their development –from the first pip to the first fledge. This group of “eagleholics” have sent thousands of letters to the man behind the cam: conservationist and Executive director of the Raptor Resource Project Bob Anderson. He has been forwarding some of these touching tributes to us at Ustream HQ and we were so deeply moved by the stories shared within them that we put together a short video showcasing some of the best examples (and a few familiar Ustream faces). Check it out below!

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Some viewers are even turning to poetry to express their undying devotion to the Decorah Eagles! Check out this poem by self-professed “Eagleholic” Christine:


I saw an eagle in the sky,
With wings spread out as it flew by.

I heard a squawk, so loud a sound,
I stared way up from on the ground.

It soared way up and then descended,
Until the sound had finally ended.

I saw it dive into the lake,
A fish from it the Eagle did take.

A flapping of wings and it went to the trees,
Perhaps for young Eaglets to please.

If only I could have seen the show,
Of Eaglets so pleased with parents aglow.
Our Eaglets grew from eggs to juveniles
Right before our eyes, we were all full of smiles.

They ate, slept, and played as most young do
As we watched and heard every squawk and coo.

On the 16th of June, a flutter of wings and the three Eaglets flew.
To the branch that Mom and Dad always went to.

What a blessing we were given, To be witness to such.
From a dedicated scholar who has taught us so much.

We are luckier than most cause we could see,
Our wonderful Decorah Eagle family.

Bob gave us a window, the Eagles gave us light.
Nature in its reality, beauty and delight,
Have kept us glued to the wonders of this site.

The story’s not ended, for someday soon I’ll try
To see an eagle in the sky,
With wings spread out as it flies by!
(And it just might be E1, or E2, or E3!)

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We’ll miss the eagles when they leave the comfort and safety of their nest for the final time, but at least we’ll have the memories…and a ton of other animal cams on Ustream to check out and get obsessed with! More on that later…

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