Check out the PS4 in (U)streaming Action at TGS

The Tokyo Game Show just kicked off, and we’ve got the first look at the PS4 in action. Over the next four days, gamers will be playing Capcom’s Deep Down, utilizing the streaming capabilities baked into the console. Check it out here:

Tokyo Game Show 2013 Live on Ustream




Back to Basics — What’s the appeal of (U)streaming for gamers?

While at E3, I asked a significant number of gamers about their thoughts on streaming, particularly their reasoning behind choosing one platform over another.  In essence, I basically asked them, “Why aren’t you streaming your games on Ustream?”  That question got a lot of answers — some legitimate relating to established fan bases, while others commented along the lines of Platform bashing.  Most of the negative feedback was largely based on “fanboy-ism” and wasn’t really based on any concrete grievance.  For example, “because they suck” isn’t really a legitimate answer unless you can back it up (and almost all of them couldn’t). Don’t get us wrong, we get it if you’re comfortable.  What we basically want to tell you is that you have a stable, modern, ubiquitous alternative.

It got me thinking, and here’s where I’ve net out with five simple keys to what Ustream can offer gamers, aside from the stability and reliability of our platform:

1. Channel customization:

  • Our Dashboard allows you place HTML based apps and widgets into your iframes and channel info.
  • If you don’t like the page layout, our widget re-order feature allows you to place PayPal Donation widgets and other content higher or lower on your page.
  • Your Ustream player, channel and embed will carry over channel branded watermarks that allow you to click through to linked pages.

2. Social integration:

  • Our Social Stream module allows you to communicate with your viewers on Ustream, as well as across other social media platforms by pulling in specific Tweets addressed to a Twitter Username/Hashtag, as well as similarly linked Facebook interactions.
  • Your content can also be visible across Facebook & Twitter.

Warren1 Warren2

3. Easy VOD Management

  • Managing your recorded videos are simple on Ustream, allowing you to easily trim, upload, and transfer to YouTube.

4. Free Software-Based Encoder

  • Our in-house application, Ustream Producer, allows you to easily stream content to your channel using your basic laptop/desktop with the only limitation being the input slots on your device and your bandwidth.
  • Ustream Producer recognizes a number of capture devices as well as its Screen capture capabilities.
  • Download Producer and try it out for free at

 5. Live & VOD Metrics

  • One of the great features of Ustream is the Live Analytics Console, found inside the dashboard.  This allows you to see who is viewing your content, how many people, what devices they are viewing from, and what regions they are located.

Think about it. And in the meantime, try our platform for free if you haven’t already, with a free trial.  We understand you may want to go with the flow, but maybe its time you stood out.

This article was written by Warren Reid, Ustream’s Event Operations Manager and resident gaming expert. Check out his page HERE or find him on Twitter @UrbanMasque.