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Indie 3-80

Rarely does any segment of the massive music industry garner as much excitement as Indie Musicians, Indie Radio Stations and Indie music lovers.

Sure we all love our favorite artists. Of course we swoon over their latest CD or single. Naturally we gravitate to listen to them. But, there is nowhere in the worldwide music industry that has the excitement and following as does the Indie Music genre.

Indie Music brings all three elements together, Artists, Radio stations and of course the music.

Check this out. On August 2, 2014 at 10 am (EST) there will be a massive listening audience tuned into (leveraging technology) to listen live to the premier event showcasing Gino Goss.

How do I know it will be massive? Here’s how. The event has only been briefly announced for about a month. Then, last week a simple banner posting on Google+ generated within hours over 180,000 views. According to Google+ that was an unheard of response and was the biggest one day viewing EVER in their history.

Want more proof? It’s been reported by the Indie Music Billboard that interest in Gino Goss (who by the way is a 10 time Indie Music Channel Award Winner) has generated more interest from Indie radio stations, Indie music lovers and Indie Artists who are all supporting Gino Goss.

Radio stations from around the globe will be promoting this live event, some even streaming it on their Indie music stations. Indie Artists, also from around the globe have been contributing their time, talent and resources touting Gino and this live event.

Listen to our 30 second radio tag that began airing on various radio stations on Sunday July 27th:

One particular Indie radio station ND Jamz Radio from North Carolina who has over 500,000 daily listeners has stated they are going all out to promote this event on a big scale and can expect 100,000 to 150,000 of their listeners tuning in on August 2nd.

Is this a revolution for Indie Music? You bet it is. Is this the beginning of a new explosion for Indie Musicians like Gino Goss and Indie Radio Stations? When the final numbers come in from this live event it will prove that the Indie Music Revolution has begun.

So, stay tuned and tune in on Aug.2nd to experience the BOOM BOOM.

You can view it LIVE via Ustream on our official website or below:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream